Analysis Of Playing For Keeps By Joan Lowery Nixon

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Playing for Keeps is an exceptional novel written by Joan Lowery Nixon. Rosie and Glory have a relationship that is as close as two people can be without being actually related. Rosie, a 16 year old girl, develops a retlationship with Glory, who inevitably takes her on a cruise. Glory is significantly older than Rosie, so she refers to her as her “Grandma”. Most of the story takes place on a cruise ship at sea. Glory’s friends play bridge, as well as a number of other games on the cruise. Playing for Keeps follows Rosie through an adventure on a cruise through a first person narrative. Rosie is a very suspicious girl. This attribute is evident when they are on the cruise ship when Ricky went missing. Scared, Rosie started to ask around about Ricky’s whereabouts. Ricky is never found. Glory is Rosie’s fake grandma who is rich and paid all the bills, she even paid for Rosie to go to summer camp!…show more content…
Rosie and Glory go on a bus on the way to the cruise. This scene led up to them picturing what the boat would look like through the eyes of one of the passengers “Neil”. The bus was taking Glory and her friends plus Rosie to the cruise ship. “Neil” says the boat is 12 decks above the water and 4 decks underwater. In conclusion, Playing for Keeps is a mixture of drama and mystery and kept me intersted as a reader. I would recommend this book to 12 years and up. This novel also deals with interests that would interest both male readers as well as female

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