Analysis Of Polyrhythm Style In Fitzgerald's 'Summertime'

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When listening to the original operatic version of Leontyne Price, elements of blues and jazz are portrayed. The polyrhythm style is exhibited. However, it does not have the usual characteristic of “call and response, the holler” nor the “traditional three-line structure. He was successful in evoking the style and feeling of African American music in the sense that it was extremely soulful, emotional and polyrhythmic style. Leontyne Price’s voice, in her portrayal of “Summertime”, is stunning and vibrant. The dynamics of her voice are rich, powerful and controlled. Her modulation techniques were carefully smooth yet firmly expressed during transitions. Furthermore, her ability to modify her vocal ranges between a mezzo and a soprano were effortlessly…show more content…
The dynamics of her voice are so powerful, pure, and skillfully flexible. Fitzgerald’s technique in modulation were vibrantly smooth and vividly expressed. Moreover, her intonation was effortlessly controlled as she transitioned between the ranges. With that said, Fitzgerald’s musicality was sophisticated and impeccable. Furthermore, her delivery of emotions was refined and beautifully portrayed. Her portrayal conveyed an immensity within the lyrics. While listening to Holiday’s version I was unfortunately unpleased given the slow tempo presented. However, the version portrayed was beautiful and full of emotion, but it was just too leisurely for my…show more content…
However, given the different interpretations on the song itself, I enjoyed Leontyne Price’s version the most. Listening to all three versions, I felt Price was able to portray the emotion within the song to the audience and was rather accessible. When listening to Price’s version, I am filled with emotion and can feel the sadness within the song. Unfortunately, when listening to Billie Holiday’s version, her talents are portrayed in the song. However, it is almost a repetitive sound, repetitive in the way that the song itself reminds me of Holliday’s other work that I have being exposed to previously. In regards to Ella Fitzgerald’s version, it was my least favorite but only because of the adagio tempo

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