Analysis Of Prisoner B-3087 By Alan Gratz

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“No…They’re not taking them away. They’re shooting them right here.” Prisoner B-3087 written by Alan Gratz is about a young boy, just 13 years, going throughout concentration camps, gas chambers, and torture, it all happens in this book. When you read about his adventure it feels like you 're right beside Yanek trying to survive too. Yanek survived WWII and the horrible concentration camps due to luck that involved his loving Uncle Moshe, family and harsh encounters with Nazis. In chapter 16, Yanek was going to Birkenau. What he did not know was what was awaiting for him, the gas chambers. On his ride to Birkenau he heard two boys talking about how they were going to be taken to the gas chambers. He was going to die! When he arrived, he took of his clothes and went inside the chamber. “KIll me, I prayed. Please kill me and put an end to this. I’m ready. Water rained down on me. Freezing water so cold it made me scream. Water! Not gas! I was going to live” (129)! Not everyone survives the gas chambers, thousands die every single day of WWII: women, men and children, but he survived. This explains his survival of the gas chambers was pure luck. In this part, Yanek wanted to fight the nazis, he thought if all the prisoners fought them they would take them over. One day, one of the prisoners had the same thought. He started fighting the Nazi, until the Nazi shot him. “And this man,’ the commandant said, pointing into the crowd. ‘And this one’. ‘And him’. ‘And him’. ‘And

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