Analysis Of Professor Wiseman's 'You Make Your Own Luck'

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Reading passage 1 You Make Your Own Luck Some individuals seem to have an incomprehensible abundance of good fortune. In matters of love they are successful, in their careers also, in their finances, and in leading happy and meaningful lives. Yet these kinds of people don’t seem to work specifically hard, nor they are intelligent and have other gifts. It is obvious that there are also the natural opposites of the super fortunate; despite of their laborious nature and their talents some people fail repeatedly. As it is true with so many human problems, people usually deal with this difficult-to-quantify inequality by giving it a name-“luck”- and then disclaiming any responsibility for how much of it they are apportioned. It is…show more content…
The lucky individuals were paying more attention to their surroundings, which made them more likely to notice the message in the newspaper. During his long study on the nature of luck, he has found that “lucky” individuals usually posses many intersecting qualities, including extroverted personalities, a lack of anxiety, open-mindedness, and optimism. Each of these plays an important role in one’s luck production. The essence of luck is opportunity, so it follows that the more opportunities one encounters and the more receptive one is to those opportunities, the “luckier” one is. Wiseman has found that lucky people smile twice as often as others, and engage in more eye contact than unlucky people do. Such outgoing, extroverted behavior exposes a person to more opportunities due to the increases social interaction. Similarly, open-mindedness allows one to encounter a greater number of unique prospects, and makes one more apt to embrace new opportunities. Professor Wiseman has outlined four principles to help one increase their good
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