Analysis Of Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

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Many recipes are available to mix different types of drinks. If you want to make something that has the taste of pumpkin, then a pumpkin pie moonshine recipe is easy to mix at home. This drink will need an assortment of ingredients that will include 150 proof alcohol to get close to moonshine. A simple blender is all you need to blend the ingredients for a pumpkin pie moonshine recipe. You will also need glass jars or mason jars to store your new drink. Simply serve the beverage chilled. Add a bit of whipped cream and enjoy a liquid form of pumpkin pie. Another version of a pumpkin pie moonshine recipe requires using a real pumpkin pie. All you need to do is blend a few pieces of pie with your favorite vodka and refrigerate. This is a perfect way to have a tasty dessert and an alcoholic beverage at the same time.…show more content…
pumpkin, pie, moonshine, recipe, beverage A pumpkin pie and an adult beverage are two things you can easily mix together. All you will need is a pumpkin pie moonshine recipe to

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