Analysis Of 'Puppy, By George Saunders Puppy'

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A personal belief that many people have is that puppies are one of the most adorable creatures in the world. The young, energetic, playfulness of one can bring joy and love to people who are a fan of dogs. The story by George Saunders titled “puppy” brings to light the youthful nature of children and how they are like puppies needing understanding and guidance. On the adult side of the spectrum, adults may not always make the best decisions just like puppies when it comes to making choices about the people they love and having clear judgment. The story is set in the belief that we prioritize the people we love based on the conditions and choices that come with that person. In doing so it is about wanting what is best for them even when it is not directly in sight while not holding them back but building character so they can achieve a…show more content…
Marie has a loving family dynamic of spending time together playing games and having fun.Callie has a tougher outlook on life as she sees no wrong in teaching her children natural selection and pleasing her husband even though the relationship may not be perfect. Marie has more of a higher class outlook on life as on how she views Callie and her living situation and what she thinks about the puppy. Callie also seems content on sheltering her child in a yard or a small space because of his tenacity to run off however she also wants the children to experience what the world is really like. Marie uses Callie’s family dynamic to teach her children the treatment others receive and what they have to endure. This is highlighted in the words Marie wants to say to the little boy “ Life will not necessarily always be like this. Your life could suddenly blossom into something wonderful. It can happen. It happened to me(pg.177)”. Marie also seems to relate the fate of the puppy and the kitty
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