Analysis Of Qiu Jin's Injustices To Chinese Women

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Unlike Sojourner Truth, Qiu Jin in her except, Injustices to Chinese Women, was softer and more passive in term of language. Although the first half of Qiu Jin’s except also showed sorrow and sadness, it was not filled with anger like Truth’s except. The live of a Chinese woman back then was like a object, a “thing” instead of a human being. From being treated like a “useless thing” the moment they were born to being sold to different family as a wife in exchange for money for their family, Chinese women have no power in choosing their destiny. It is so sad to see how women have to be fit in with the traditional Chinese standard. Just because men prefer women with small feet, they have to bind their feet so tight together, so tight that after their bone and meat became weird shape.…show more content…
Men and women are both alike; they both capable to doing different things. The only different is the human anatomy, so why did men have to bring themselves up and devalue the women. On the second half of the except, Qiu Jin, surprisingly, did not encourage Chinese women to fight back. Instead, she urged them to educate themselves in order to gain more knowledge. It is a really good way to show the men that women can have an education, too, though not formal. She wanted the women to be independence and not rely on the men so much. I agree and applaud her way of thinking. I think the first step to show the men that they need to be treated equally is by being independence. Also, it was great how she brought up her country. Not only she encouraged women to stand up, she also cared a lot about the future of
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