Analysis Of Quotes From 'The Kite Runner'

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Many times when we are young our parents will say the quote “If your friend jumped off the bridge would you do the same?” This quote describes how Hassan felt towards Amir. The amount of love that Hassan had for Amir was more than he loved himself. Hassan would have done anything to protect Amir. He would have given his life. His first word when he little was Amir. On the flip side Amir thought more about himself then Hassan. It was a one sided friendship. Amir was disrespectful towards Hassan. He took advantage of the fact that Hassan could not read or write ,so he would tell him the wrong meanings of words. Many times he would just let Hassan take the blame for all of his problems. Amir and Hassan are not friends. Amir did not help his so called best friend Hassan when he was being attacked because he was scared of getting hurt, and putting himself out there. Whenever the attack first started Amir was there watching. He could have ran away, and at least gotten help. He also could have just jumped in and taken Hassan’s place. When Amir and Hassan are competing in the kite flying competition Hassan says this as he is going get the kite they cut down,“For you a thousand times over.”(Hosseini 67) This quote is very powerful because it…show more content…
They look like friends on the outside, but true best friends do not single each other out. They also do not let each other be alone and go through hard situations on their own. They do not get to a point of jealously that they can’t even think of anything else. Best friends do not get to the point where they forget all the memories, and think what everyone else does. Amir shows this in his line, “ He was just a Hazara, wasn’t he?” (Hosseini 77) This quote is really the quote that crosses the line. It shows that everything that happened in the winter of 1975 destroyed every ounce of friendship they
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