Analysis Of R J Tomlin's Poem To A Stranger, To A Friend

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To a Stranger, To a Friend by R J Tomlin Pass this poem to a stranger, pass this poem to a friend, Read it at the start of a journey, or glance it over at the end, Read it out loud in the shower, read in silence on the train, Read it with a voice of pleasure, or with one with hints of pain, Read it in the living room with everyone else around, Read it in an empty house, where no-one else is to be found, Whisper into someone’s ear, shout it out into the night, Or read it lonely in the darkness, with a single candle light. Some of you will know who wrote this poem, some of you will not, Some of you will read the entire thing, some may get bored and stop, Some will pin it to their wall, or place it neatly in a drawer, Some of you will obey…show more content…
Rule number six – be honest with yourself, Not only with opinions; with your morals and your health, The world is full of lies, but to yourself you must be true, The person you should lie to least is no-one else but you, If you’re upset, admit it – don’t wipe your cheeks of tears, Your emotions are what make you, they’re not something to be feared, Question your authority, critique your own beliefs, The only way to grow your mind is to be taught as well as teach. Finally, rule number seven – nothing lasts forever, Although it doesn’t always seem like it, time is meant to be spent together, Turn your moments into memories, smile and joke and laugh, Because by the time you reach the end, they’ll matter more than they ever have. You’ll meet many people in your life, some enemies, some friends, Some stay there for a little bit, some right until the end, Some impact your life greatly, whilst others just pass

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