Analysis Of Rabbit Proof Fence

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Rabbit Proof fence:

The Rabbit Proof Fence is a non-fiction story that is written by Doris Pilkington and was published in 2002. The story is about three half-caste girls (Molly, Gracie and Daisy); the fathers of these kids are white and the mothers’ aboriginal people from Australia. The white mans are in the desert to build the rabbit fence. The fence goes from the north of the country to the southern side of the country; the fence goes a long the country with a length of 3.256 km. The purpose of the fence was to keep the over-population of rabbits in the eastern Australian regions from coming into Western Australia.

The three girls Daisy, Gracie and Molly are half-caste children, and a trying to stay with their mothers but one day the white policeman came and took the kids from their mothers. The kids where brought to the Moor River in Perth 2000km a way from their home (Jigalong).

The decision to take all half-caste kids a way from their home, made a guy named Mr. Neville his job is the chef protector of aboriginal kids he wants to protect the aboriginal blood line. In Moore River the kids are teached how white people live and act and get education. A man that is named Moodoo is catching kids that escaped. Moodoo is an aboriginal man that has a half-caste daughter in the Moore River this job is the only opportunity for him to see his daughter. In the Moore River the children have to clean up and make beds the most time the daughter of Moodoo has to these things

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