William Faulkner's Silent Spring

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After I read through the Silent Spring, I felt like the environment we are living in and the relationship between human and natural are getting worse. The book basically talks about many different topics based on the chemical pollution, which is the problem that the society faces nowadays and also lets us know that the pollution is caused by those chemicals, such as DDT, which is a kind of pesticide widely used on farmlands but also fatally. DDT can also get into human’s blood, sperm, even breast milk. Therefore, abuse of the chemicals will affect agriculture and industry problems. The book also introduces different kinds of chemicals such as the chemical pesticides, insecticide as well as the effects of those. Silent Spring helps me realize…show more content…
When people tried to kill the pests in the farmlands, they used the insecticide. Furthermore, insecticide would not only kill those pests but also kill the ones which would help farmers to dig and fertilize the farmlands. Due to the fact that the use of DDT caused the problem of all the animals in the surrounding, it led the consequence that the DDT could flow over the farmlands, which can indirectly kill those puppies, birds, or even fishes. As I joined a volunteering job during this summer to help those organic farmers, I heard them talking about the pesticide. They said that they did not use the pesticide in the crops they cultivated but the other farmland nearby used the DDT. Then the DDT would flow to their farmland and killed their fishes, chickens, and the crops.
The DDT has been producing disastrous side effects in wildlife species. Since the pesticide would store in the land for years, then indirectly affecting to the animals, such as birds around the area spread by the insecticide, some of the polluted birds would hatch those dead birdies, or the baby birds would even grow into a deformity bird. I was shocked when I read through these, because my pet duck died from swimming in the polluted river. In other words, other animals would feed on the polluted grass, so the poison would also stay in their body for
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