Analysis Of Raman By Manju Kapur

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She is totally involved in her illicit affair with Ashok, she could not provide attention and care to her legal relationships in life. She neglects her duties towards her children and forgets about their emotional needs. Shagun becomes distressed because of her situation, as she is torn between family duties and her own happiness in illicit affair. The frustration makes her more aggressive about her emotional fulfillment. She suffers a lot due to emotional trauma. Neither she became happy in her illicit relationship nor in her legal relationship. She becomes the epitome of fractured identity of an individual. When Raman becomes aware of her affair, instead of apologizing, she asks for divorce. Manju Kapur has portrayed Raman as an ideal human being who loves his family a lot and works hard for family’s betterment. In this regards Maneesha Govender comments on Manju Kapur’s portrayal of Raman, “What stands out particularly in this novel is his anguish and anger at the betrayal he experiences at the hands of his worldly wife. Kapur presents him to us with empathy and meticulous attention to detail.” (Conversation with Kapur) Shagun becomes detached from her husband spiritually and ready to leave him permanently. Kapur explores the force of the extramarital affair, which can break even a solid marriage, and so-called morals and ethics don 't work, as they have no place when it comes to love. Manju Kapur again explores the woman’s suffering in search of fulfillment in life.
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