Analysis Of Rape Culture

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Kirsten Amato Jamie Poole EH 102-121 October 8, 2014 Word Count: 798 Summarizing and Analyzing “What is Rape Culture” By BuzzFeed About two-thirds of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. In “What is Rape Culture” by Heben Nigatu, Jessica Testa, and Ryan Broderick of the BuzzFeed staff, they dispute the major problems with what rape culture has become. Rape culture is an idealist social norm that desensitizes sexual violence. When most people think of sexual violence they think of women being assaulted, but rape culture involves men being assaulted too. Rape culture has also changed the meaning of “no”, which in this society can mean “maybe” or “try harder” leaving both people wondering whether consent was actually given. The miscommunications and the ideals that are being taught about rape have led to the many problems that are caused in rape culture today. Heben Nigatu, Jessica Testa, and Ryan Broderick did a good job with their argument based on the pathos, however could have given better logos than what was used in this article. The BuzzFeed staff did a nice job appealing to angry emotions to relate their audience. They did this with their explainer from Shakesville who enlightens readers that rape culture is when women have to change their habits to protect themselves from rape because it is a woman’s fault if she in fact is assaulted. They also use Daniel Tosh, a famed comedian, as an example of how desensitized people are to the idea of rape because of
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