Analysis Of Rashomon, Gone Girl And Memento

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The three films, Rashomon, Gone Girl and Memento are successfully in illustrating how “History relies on facts and their context to interpret events”. I will be examining how facts alone can result in more than a single truth, and the importance of facts and its context in the interpretations of the events. Urry (1996) said that “There is no evidence that sites are uniformly read and passively accepted by visitors”, as facts could be interpreted differently based on individual perspectives. In this case, both sites and facts can refer to physical objects or actions that had taken place as both can be seen as evidence. The three films demonstrated how relying on facts alone can result in a variety of truths. In Rashomon, the characters were made to narrate the sequence of events during the fight, a fact that took place. The characters provided varying accounts of the fight as they had given emphasis to different elements that transpired, such as the bandit’s focus on the duel between him and the samurai, and the wife’s story portraying her to be a victim of the situation, among other examples. The version told by the woodcutter was especially convincing, as he was believed to have observed the fight as a neutral party. Rashomon is an example how different individuals can loosely interpret facts to their liking.…show more content…
However, from Nick’s perspective, it was as though she had simply ran away. In Gone Girl, the phrase “there are two sides to every story” has never been more
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