Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Ray Bradbury’s gloomy story, “All Summer in a Day,” has a setting that takes place on Venus where it rains all the time. Margot, just moved from the Earth to Venus got to see a very cool thing that most children on Venus don’t get to see, the Sun. Margot remembers very specific details like the warmth of the Sun and how cool it looked. On Venus, the sun only comes out for an hour once every seven years. The other children in her class are jealous of her. A very good lesson in the story is that if you let jealousy get to you it will hurt you as well as others.

From the beginning, the details show that the kids are in a lot of pain because of their jealousy over Margot. The Sun is the reason why they are painfully jealous of Margot. She has seen the Sun every for many years while these kids only get to see the Sun every seven years for only an hour. The other children are jealous of Margot because she got to live on Earth. This makes the kid start to get angry and frustrated. For example, in the story, it states, “ ‘Get away!’ The boy gave her another push. ‘What’re you waiting for?’ Then, for the first time, she turned and looked at him. And what she was waiting for was in her eyes. ‘Well, don’t wait around here!’ cried the boy savagely. ‘You won’t see nothing!’ “ (Bradbury). This evidence makes clear that the kids got very angry and frustrated at Margot. This supports the theme that if you let jealousy get to you it will hurt you and others because the kids got jealous
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