Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's Short Story 'A Sound Of Thunder'

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“A Sound of Thunder” is a scientific short story written by Ray Bradbury, an American novelist, story writer, poet, and screenwriter. “A Sound of Thunder” is a story about time travel back to over 60 million years ago to hunt extinct dinosaur species. When Eckles, the main character, steps off the path that Time Safari, Inc. has created, he changed the whole future. One tiny misshapen can affect several future matters. A historical lens is when one focuses specifically on the historical events that happened when the story was written to see how they impacted the author. On the other hand, a philosophical lens is where one studies a specific moral that the reader can take with them. By examining the story with these two lenses, this story can be best understood because the reader can fully comprehend how previous events during Bradbury’s time impacted the story, and the overall moral of always being careful and aware of surroundings. Viewing through a historical lens, readers can see the purpose behind some of Bradbury’s words based on what occurred during the time. During the year of 1952 when Ray Bradbury wrote “A Sound of Thunder”, a new president was recently elected for the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower (MacroHistory). Furthermore, World War Two ended a…show more content…
Nonetheless, there are a few points in which the reader should take note of, particularly notes on the story while looking through a historical and philosophical lense, which are the best lenses to examine the story. Not many people know exactly why Bradbury wrote what he did. Some of his ideas directly relate to what occurred previously or during the time he wrote this story, including the World War Two and the presidential election. Also, the moral in which Bradbury thoroughly conveyed to the reader is to be aware of the setting you are in because anything can happen in matter’s
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