Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's Views On Technology

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When Bradbury wrote, he wrote with passion and urgency about all his topics. I have a feeling that his fear was not regarding censorship, it was the people. Bradbury was writing books to help people not become like Mildred and her friends. He wanted people to be like Clarisse and express his/her opinions. He thought that technology was making society dumber and he believed this before reality T.V. came on. In a Seattle Times Interview Bradbury says, “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” People are slowly stopping to reading and it will soon become nothing because people are consumed by their phones. As people’s attention has been shifted towards technology, public libraries and bookstores are slowly disappearing.…show more content…
Through Bradbury 's mind, we have only ourselves to blame for the outcome. I agree with most of Bradbury 's opinions on technology. I think it is true that the people bring being technologically obsessed onto themselves. We are slowly becoming technologically obsessed. I still feel technology is good because it connects us to the world and keeps us entertained when we want to be. It can be a way to get away from life and just
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