Personal Reflection: Working With The Law

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2) Forgiveness The Devine Mother searches your soul and reminds you of all kinds of acts, omissions, I was able to forgive others as I am not a malicious person but I could not forgive myself of past mistakes, I was led to read a book I had bought after I heard Bob Proctor give a talk about “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell, on his Chapter on forgiveness I had the strangest feeling about my unforgiveness of myself, I was for days consumed with fear of past mistakes and I was terified, I spoke to my two oldest children about my fears and they thought I was being too harsh on my self. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that unforgiveness of past mistakes has been the cause of my anger and inability to progress because I considered myself…show more content…
4) Freedom, the process of awakening brings freedom, one has a sense of being free, in my case as I realised that I was holding myself back through unforgiveness and once I fell that God was not punishing me for past sins or mistakes of the past I became free, my mind was directed more to spiritual thoughts, I began to yern for spiritual truth. I was no longer feeling as though I was in bondage. I was able to think good thoughts and began to appreciate things. I began to be appreciative of my children and myself. 5) Peace, the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to be at peace, peace of mind was an expensive commodity that I was unable to afford but after my purification I had peace, it came after I had accepted my condition as Divine. I was at peace with myself and I became happier, knowing that God was present in my
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