Analysis Of Relationships And Technology In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Imagine living in a world where no conversation occurs, no one has time to think, and everything is fast paced. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the author, Ray Bradbury, writes about such a world in his futuristic society. The main character of this book, Guy Montag, is a firefighter living in Bradbury’s futuristic world. Throughout the novel, Montag meets people who put a sense of reality into him. The two themes, cultures, and characters are essential elements in this dystopian society. To begin, the two main cultures: relationships and technology are crucial in this novel. In this society, the advancement of technology diminishes the purpose of life, both with personal relationships and interactions. Everyone is very mechanical. No one takes …show more content…

A single hound can recall up to ten thousand scents. At the time of Beatty’s death, Montag is being searched by the entire city. Hounds were sent everywhere to detect Montag’s smell. Luckily, Montag lost the hounds when he enters the river. After a while of searching the city, the police see a man walking alone on the street. The police instantly assume it is Montag and send the hounds out to kill the suspect. This illustrates that people do not even take the time to truly accuse the right person of a crime; instead, they go after an easily accessible suspect. No one watching the live TV broadcast knows if the man who is killed is Montag or not, but the police make it seem as if it is Montag to allow the audience relief. Another way technology has an impact on this society is through televised interactions. Mildred is thrilled to receive the new script to the reality TV show that appears on the three screens in her house. The characters on the TV parlor occasionally pause and allow time for her to respond. There is almost no point in being married if one does not socialize with their significant other. For instance, when Montag tries to recall how he and Mildred met, she begins to say, “Why, it was at—,” but …show more content…

Finally, the third lesson technology teaches us is to be careful with how much we use it. If we are not careful, we may not physically be able to communicate with one another again. By the end of the novel, the various characters notice that many people have a difficult time communicating with each other. Montag’s wish is to talk with Mildred but she rather talk with her fictitious family on the screen. Many people even tune each other out by listening to earpieces so they get distracted from the real world. It is clear that the two themes in this novel are censorship and technology. On the other hand, there are two characters that play a huge part in this novel; both characters have opposing views, which add to the books importance. Finally, Montag and Mildred are two characters in this novel that are very important. Montag is one character that has significantly changed from the beginning to the end of this novel. In the beginning, Montag functions much like a robot. Each and every day he goes through the same series of events much like everyone else in this society. His firefighting job makes him very curious about the books he is burning. Montag’s curiosity is what gets him in trouble. After the old woman decides to die in her own home with her books really catches Montag’s

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