Analysis Of 'Responding' By Richard Straib

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Journal 3

Richard Straub’s reading, “Responding-Really Responding-to other students’ writing” clarifies ways to respond a student’s paper. At first I thought responding to other student’s writing means to reply with feedback but as I go further towards the reading it is actually more than just feedback. Certain points that I took from Richard Straub’s reading is how a responder should act as a friend rather than a teacher when responding, must not respond short and sweet, what to address in the comments and must praise and criticize. His suggestions are key strategies that must be followed in order to achieve progress as a responder. In “Responding-Really Responding-to other students’ writing” by Richard Straub’s offers ways for readers to approach a student’s paper, therefore, achieving the responders mission towards helping the writer make better decisions when writing a good paper. …show more content…

Acting as a friend when reading the writers paper means to offer those suggestions and tips and to point out the errors. A responder’s job is neither to edit nor rewriting the writer’s paper and instead to read closely and look for the writers goals and aims towards accomplishing the paper’s topic. For Richard Straub, he knows that responding as a friend could mean to be nice towards the writer’s paper and telling them that the paper is fine or that it sounds good. Acting like that could prevent the writer from accomplishing their goals towards achieving the understanding of the topic. To be a real friend we must be honest with them and point out on what is needed to be fixed and offer those suggestions, tips and even examples to know on how each thing must be

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