Analysis Of Rhiannon Puck's Under The Rice Moon

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"In a small rattan cage, a cliff swallow huddles with its tiny wings tucked in around its body. For the first time in its life, the little swallow will not fly under the rice moon tonight.” This picture of a confined feathered creature sets the phase for Rhiannon Puck 's short story, "Under the Rice Moon." The little flying creature in the story goes from proprietor to proprietor, shouting out for opportunity in a dialect they can 't get it. The story demonstrates to us that occasionally just the individuals who have lost their opportunity can acknowledge how significant flexibility is. The swallow 's proprietors appear to overlook the main issue. The first is a young lady purchasing sugarcane in a Hong Kong commercial center; she sees the little winged animal in his pen and has quite recently enough cash left to get it. Strolling home, she guarantees to deal with the little winged creature. At that point,“in a language the young girl cannot understand, the bird cries, ‘Let me fly under the rice moon!’” The young lady needs to deal with her new ownership, yet the winged animal needs to be free. Before long, the young lady goes by another shop with the confined winged creature dangling from her arm. The businessperson, a young man offering weaved shoes, exchanges a couple of them for…show more content…
The swallow appears to be bound to be purchased and sold by individuals who don 't comprehend what he needs. His next proprietor is a man searching for a present for his little girl, at home with a fever. A kind man, he whispers to the little fowl, “I know who will take care of you.” Later, arriving home with his blessing, he puts the confined winged animal adjacent to his dozing girl, and there, for the third time in the story, the fledgling argues, “Oh, please let me fly under the rice moon tonight!” Like the others before him, however, the man does not comprehend the feathered creature 's request. Now, the swallow has lost all trust of having the capacity to fly under the

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