Analysis Of Richard Louv's Last Child In The Woods

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The passage Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv was written because of his stand on the separation between people and nature. Through crafty thoughts and examples he mainly directed it towards parents of our generation. No doubt that he thinks that all this new technology is changing our childhoods in a bad way. For example children of these days are plugged in most of the time to a screen of some sort. This is decreasing our children's knowledge of creativity and taking in the beauty of nature. In the end, Richards purpose was to inform people on what our new technology is doing to us today. Without a doubt Richard demonstrates the use of the rhetorical term Logos extremely well. He presented an excellent question, the question being “why do so many Americans say they want their children to watch less TV, yet continue to expand the opportunities for them to watch it?”(Lines 43-45). Such a great representation of a key example of the logistics of the world we live in. Multiple parents talk about how they want their kids to go outside and do something productive with their life, yet they are the ones who allow them to have all of this technology in the first place Buying multiple technology devices such as TV’s,…show more content…
A key point is when he talks about someday telling our grandchildren about our childhood saying, “‘You did what?’ they’ll ask. ‘yes ‘, we’ll say, ‘it’s true. We actually looked out the car window.’”(Lines 60-62). Throughout his points Richards tone was very harsh and a little sarcastic from time to time. This has been the general trend of his article, always harsh and set on the point that this is bad, and angry about why we are letting this happen to our childrens childhoods. It is not too late to change he demonstrates many examples of things that we are allowing that are bad and that if we could change these we would be better
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