Analysis Of Rion Amilcar Scott's Good Times

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"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget"-G. Randolf. In the story "Good Times" by Rion Amilcar Scott the quote by G. Randolf relates to Rashid and Walter friendship by the way they became friends. They became close friends based on Walter saving Rashid life and bonded off his mistakes he experienced throughout life. In the story "Good Times" one of the main characters Rashid tries to commit suicide by hanging himself from his balcony when Walter notices him and save his life by cutting the rope. Rashid thanks, Walter and explains that it was a mistake and he wasn 't trying to commit suicide. Rashid feels bad about what happen and talks to Walter explains that he was trying to kill himself but he regrets trying because of his wife and son. In the story "Good Times" Rashid and Walter friendship is strained but remains intact because Walter saved Rashid live, listens to Rashid problems, and worries for Rashid safety. The first way Rashid and Walter friendship is strained but remains intact is because Walter saved Rashid life. In the story "Good Times" Walter kept asking himself why would someone ever try to hang there self-off a balcony. "He next watched with an interest, and then with terror when he heard the hanging and hacking. Rashid was caught dangling from the balcony when Walter cuts the rope and save his life. Rashid than thanks, Walter and Laura and explains that it was all an accident and that he got tangled in the
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