My Last Duchess Poem Analysis

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Poets write about what they see and what they know, and many times that involves human behavior. Being humans themselves and being in contact with other people they get to observe many different human behaviors and interactions. Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess” touches on many parts of human behavior such as power, madness and jealousy. This poem talks about how the narrator has his last wife killed or sent away because she was easily pleased. The narrator, duke of Ferrara was jealous that other men could receive attention from his wife and he wanted control and power over her and when he could not get that from her he needed a new wife. The way this poem is written makes the duke sound charming and charismatic even though he has done something…show more content…
Williams uses enjambment throughout the entire poem, which shows that all the thoughts are connected, and helps combine them. This poem gives the reader a more direct idea of these human behaviors because the poem is so direct and to the point, people often try to hide their negative behaviors but there is nowhere to hide within this poem. Another poem that touches on human behavior is “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. This poem is about a man stopping in the middle of the woods, he wonders who owns them. The man has a horse who he supposes thinks it is strange that they have stopped in the middle on nowhere. Although he knows he will not be caught in these woods, he decides to continue on because he has promises to keep. This poem shows the decision making aspect of human behavior, the man has to make a choice. He wants to stay and watch the woods fill up with snow but he knows he should continue on back to village, which is also what his little horse want to do. This choice appears to be hard for the man to make, “But I have promises to keep” line 14, implies that he would like to stay “but” he has other things he needs to
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