Analysis Of Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War

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The Chocolate War was written by Robert Cormier. Robert publishes The Chocolate War in 1974. When it was published in 1974 this novel Chocolate War, some population felt offended and annoyed that used to form the vocabulary and offended certain social class. Robert Cormier is famous because of this novel The Chocolate War and other novel. Before The Chocolate War, Cormier published a couple of adult novels. The Chocolate War tells the story of Jerry Renault, a freshman at Trinity, an all-boys Catholic high school. As Jerry quickly learns, Trinity is a dangerous place. Why I say that Jerry is in dangerous is because when he say “NO” because he do not want sell chocolate. Then jerry in trouble with the vigils because they is going to hurt him. The Vigils, an underground student group that controls the other kids at school with mafia-style tactics. Robert Cormier drew on his own high school experiences in Leominster, Massachusetts. Where Robert Cormier lived all his life. Is really that high school really this bad? The hero of this novel is Jerry Renault. If you want to find more of Jerry life you have to ready it. The scenario of the novel was in a lot of places. Like the school where all start happen. Start selling the chocolate. Another scenario was the Trinity is the all-boys school, and it 's not a nice place. While on the surface it may seem like a normal school, when you dive a bit deeper you find that it has a dark streak. Brother Leon the sadistic Assistant
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