Analysis Of Robert O Hara's Insurrection: Holding History

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Struggling is a part of existing in this world for some people. No matter where they try to go, what they try to do, the reality of a life filled with struggle is present. Nevertheless, there is significance in the struggle of life and the obstacles that one must get over in order to succeed. Robert O’Hara play, Insurrection: Holding History illuminates the idea of a historic gem of a play that unveils hundred of years of history. Furthermore, the history is presented in a way that it has been denied and choosing not to be seen. The masses of society have had the privilege to choose what to believe and what not to believe. Consequently, the most marginalized groups of society are left to fall in the narrative that was created for them in society.…show more content…
Robert O’ Hara speaks to the idea of the modern black experience in America and the future of black Americans. Ron proclaims,” you asked what it feels like to be free… lost I feel lost sometimes without a connection without linkage without a past….story..(O’Hara, pg. 330).” There was and disconnect like in real life between the older characters and the longer characters of the play. The younger characters were yearning for the older characters understand them and their ways of life. While, the older characters in the play were trying their best to show them life and all the hardships of society- consistently failing to break through their ideas. However, this quote speaks directly to the idea of natal alienation in society. Natal alienation goes directly to the heart of the problem with the misunderstandings in the play. There is a sense of loss of ties between the both the ascending and descending generations in the play. This type of alienation from formal history, blood, and religion created a detachment from the culture and belief systems of the past. Therefore, the slave was used as the ultimate human “tool” such as to be as disposable as a wrench when no longer needed. Furthermore, this is a lost connection between the generations because of the nuance of a loss of native status. Ron feeling of being lost was ultimately created long ago when his people were denied any ownership of their culture, beliefs, family, or future
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