Robert Wilson Woyzeck Colour Red

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Another example of Wilson’s use of colour was his production of Woyzeck (premiered at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 18, 2000). As seen in Figure 2, he took a semiotic approach by using the colour red’s association with danger and anger in the western culture to portray rage when Woyzeck murders Marie in order to provoke an emotional response from the audience. In fact, he colour coded each of the characters in the production using the Kandinsky Palette: “white for Woyzeck, his son and Andes, blue-black for the captain and doctor(s), and red for the cheating lovers.” This allowed the characters to be more defined and understood by the audience. Figure 2. Red light is used for the backdrop as Woyzeck murders Marie in rage. From the work that he has produced, Robert Wilson is recognized as one of the great theatre practitioners who push the boundaries of theatre to create things that have never been seen before. He aims to achieve the impossible, by separating “all the elements from each other and control[ing] them independently” in great detail. In turn, he has become an inspiration to others to be innovative in their own works as well. From this we can conclude that without Wilson’s ingenious style, the technical theatre that we know now would not be the same. The influence of theatre…show more content…
Additionally, multimedia can allow theatre to be more approachable to a wider demographic of audiences to appreciate. Much like film is today, the theatre’s audience of the near future will not only be filled with drama enthusiasts and students but anyone wanting to have a good time and to be entertained. As Robert Lepage puts it, “the audience is bored by theatre that doesn’t offer what film has to offer and bored by cinema that doesn’t give you the live
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