Why Is Mcdonalds Good Or Bad

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Ronald McDonald: Clown or Devil?
Online and television marketing have taken over America, one commercial at a time. Fast food companies like McDonald’s aiming their ads towards children plays a huge role in the quickly growing obesity epidemic that has overtaken America’s population, especially children. To children, there is nothing not to love about McDonald’s. There is Ronald McDonald, the Big Mac song, Happy Meals, and play areas. They see these items on the television or other electronic devices and immediately ask their parents if they will bring them to the highly addictive restaurant. In an attempt to stop franchises like McDonald’s from targeting young minors in their advertisements, parents need to restrict television and cell phone use for their progenies. Parents need to restrict usage because of the health risks involved, the incentives that come along with it, and the high amounts of advertisements.
Primarily, parents need to
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