My Tenth Birthday Stylistic Analysis

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Aside from Magic Realism, a variety of literary techniques and styles, which are incontestably rare, non-traditional and innovative, are implemented into the story.
Rushdie’s verbose and dense style of writing is evident in sentences that stretch for over a whole page and words that are linked by a hyphen. His writing style is full of sensory descriptions which permits the reader to visualize the scenery.
Frame story is also employed in the novel. Within the larger frame of the novel’s narrative, there are many smaller stories that are told. There are stories within a story. Saleem while talking to Padma, was narrating the history that stretched from his grandfather to his son.
The use of repetitive imagery can be seen in My Tenth Birthday chapter where the
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Symbolisms are used extensively in the novel.
The perforated sheet symbolizes the fragmented identities of Aadam, Naseem and Ahmed. Amina trained herself to love her husband Ahmed piece by piece. The incident with the peepshow box illustrates the nationwide tension threatening the partition of India in terms of its religious affiliations. The Snake and Ladder Board Game perfectly reflects an essential truth: “for every ladder you climb, a snake is waiting just around the corner; and for every snake, a ladder will compensate" (160). It justifies the incident when Saleem lost his telepathic powers, but gained his sense of smell in return.
"Snakes can lead to triumph, just as ladders can be descended" (169). This means that even though the venom has the power to kill, it also has the ability to bring life just like how the snake poison saved Saleem from death. The snake venom represents the power of Shiva, who is both the creator and destroyer in the Hindu

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