Analysis Of Ruth Padawer's Sisterhood Is Complicated

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Gender is changing indeed, but should the values of Wellesley College change as well? A college of many that went through tough times to even be able to give education solely to women. Education was not only limited to certain people because of their financial situations, but women were especially denied the right to education because of the stereotype to stay at home and take care of their family. It was not until the twentieth century that women started attempting to have equal rights to education. Before the American Civil War few colleges admitted women and even then, the same curriculum was not offered. These colleges can be compared to historically black universities or colleges which came about due to the fact African Americans were denied the right to get a proper education compared to white counterparts.…show more content…
Mount Holyoke although not officially label a college was the first to meet all academic standards of a college ( In Ruth Padawer’s article “Sisterhood Is Complicated” she explains how transgender male students are making an attempt to get admitted into Wellesley College, a college established solely to women. An example would be Timothy Boatwright, a transgender male raised as a girl and transitioned in the middle of attending Wellesley College. Although Wellesley admits only women they allowed Timothy to still get his
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