What Is John Doe's Representation Of The Seven Deadly Sins

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The film SE7EN was directed by David Fincher and stars actors Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film was released in September of 1995 and received high praise for its brutal yet detailed portrayal of a psychopath’s analysis on popular culture and his disturbing methods of depicting it. The film brought to life real world fears not through the brutality within itself but through the meanings and representations of real life values that each one of the brutal acts represented. The movies title gives it away but there are seven acts that portray the Christian teachings of the seven deadly sins. The first brutal scene John Doe portrays in the movie is Gluttony which according to the Christian religious teachings is the overindulgence and over…show more content…
The next two sins were within the last few scenes of the movie. John Doe is finally captured, and the feeling of relief somehow escapes the viewer because like the title there are two sins unaccounted for adding up the seven deadly sins. The final two are envy and wrath. John Doe explains how he is envious of Johnson’s life. As John Doe describes how he is jealous of Johnsons life it can be understood that John Doe was watching Johnson this whole time and notes Johnsons wife. Johnson becomes frustrated and Somerset begins to defuse the situation. This is when a shipping van arrives with a mysterious box. The viewer never sees what’s in the box only Somerset does and from the look and context of the situation the viewer can only guess its Johnsons wife’s head. With wrath Johnson fires seven shots killing John Doe and completing John Does portrayals of the seven deadly sins. From a viewer’s perspective this is truly a horrifying film as every one of John Does acts have relation to real societal issues, many of which we turn our heads because it is common in society. The film does an excellent job of relating religion in todays
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