Analysis Of Saint Joan Of The Stockyards

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The play 'Saint Joan of the Stockyards ' was written by the German playwright Bertolt Brecht around the year 1930. It was years after the First World War. Set in Chicago, the play is about the clash between Pierpont Mauler, who happens to be a big shot in the meat industry, and Joan Dark, a member of a Missionary group called the "Black Straw Hats," who worked in favor for the people working under Mauler. Joan 's character in the play hints that it has been taken by 'Joan of Arc, ' for being naïve girl trying to help people. The play is a picture of the ideas depicting how people can be so cheap and so obsessed with gaining power, money, and food on their plates; it explains how they reach to an inhumane extent in order to achieve such desires. Money is directly proportional to power; the more money you have the more powerful you are. It was the Great Depression period, after the First World War which had impacted him horrifyingly after which Brecht came up with acting and staging techniques that aimed at teaching the audience how to criticize the unfair and unequal treatment. Another name for which is the 'Epic Theatre ' technique. Two key notions of this technique are of Theatricalism and of Alienation effect. Theatricalism includes ideas such as the fact that the audience is aware that they are in a theatre and that everything is not too realistic; they are made to believe that they 're observing real life and not experiencing it. Actions therefore turn into open-ended

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