Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros Sonnet In House On Mango Street

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In Sandra Cisneros Sonnet in House on Mango Street, Geraldo No Last Name, Esperanza is describing the events that Marin had experienced one Saturday Night with a man named Gerald. In this sonnet Esperanza is very confused to way the death of some random man has such an effect on Marin. Geraldo is describe to have no relationship with Marin no connections back at home no nothing, but he was just some man Marin had met. In the next paragraph however the way Esperanza chooses to describe Geraldo changes. “Just another brazer who didn’t speak English. Just another wetback. You know the kind. The ones who always look ashamed.”(66) Here Cisneros is explain that the community as a whole does not care about just another dead Mexican, just another that
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