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“Sanitol Tooth Powder, the powder that will reduce doctor visits each year” “Makes tooth brushing an enthusiastic habit” is a popular quote used by Sanitol Chemical company during the 1900s. From the moment, we first learn to brush our teeth, we are taught that we should always keep them clean and white. Sanitol tooth powder made this possible during the early 19th century. Having pearly white teeth is seen as an attractive quality to have. Therefore, Sanitol made various ads to display the beauty of having white teeth in their ads. Although both advertisements are from 1911 and, one ad targets the female audience by presenting sanitol tooth powder as being a beauty product and the other ad targets parent by presenting sanitol tooth powder as…show more content…
The First Sanitol ad is a toothpowder promotion published in 1911 that endorses Sanitol as being a tremendous helper to dentists. The ad explicitly states that it is important to keep your teeth healthy and, their product will help to do so. Then the ad goes on to telling you how their product will never take the place of a dentist, this manifests the use of ethos. I believe this builds trust with the consumer because they feel as though Sanitol is being honest. This shows Sanitol Chemical Laboratory values being reliable to their customer over making money. Then the ad goes on to explain that their product eventually would make the pain less when going to the dentist. Yet, this is weird that a tooth powder ad would talk so much about dentists. From this you can draw the conclusion that during the early 20th

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