Analysis Of Search For My Aunts In Pakistani Poem

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‘Search For My Tongue’ by Sujata Bhatt and ‘Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan’ by Moniza Alvi use poetic techniques like language, personification and imagery to convey the idea of how they feel alienated in their cultures through their own point of view. The titles of both poems give an insight into the thoughts of the two poets. The title of the first poem, ‘Search For My Tongue’ is a metaphor and shows that Bhatt is looking for something that is lost, the tongue, which here is her mother tongue. The second poem, ‘Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan’ suggests that the poet is separate from her aunts and is expressing her feelings and thoughts towards the presents given by them. The speaker may feel a form of guilt for her uncertain feelings towards her cultural presents as she wants her English things, which she can feel natural in. Both these poems suggest that the poets feel culturally alienated in the countries they live in. The first poem talks about how the speaker is unable to use her mother tongue, “lost the first one, the mother tongue” and fears that she is going to forget it. At the same time, the second poem tells the readers how she receives presents from her aunts and likes them but is uncomfortable in them “I longed for denim and corduroy”. ‘Search for My Tongue’ is written in free verse. Bhatt uses a variety of literary and linguistic techniques that show her love for her mother tongue. She starts by personifying the mother tongue and giving it an
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