All Things Shining: Music Analysis

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Music through the years has evolved alongside humans and has served as a big mark for the times. Going back and listening to the popular music of a time era reflects a lot about the culture during the song's release. The early 90s to the early 00s music serves to be of particular interest as a wave of Latinx music managed to find a new audience in the United States market. Whether or not this specific subject is meaningful or not is subjective, but according to Hubert Dreyfus and Sean D. Kelly, authors of All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age, the importance of a subject comes from the following conversation regarding it. While the music itself might not be able to cause such a meaningful conversation,…show more content…
While its effect on a population has been minimal, music has had various uses throughout history. From being part of ceremonies to voicing whole generations of people, music has been pushing the limit on what it can do in recent years. In the 90s/00s specifically, it was a leading force of change and acceptance in the United States towards the Latinx community. The music industry in the United States was changing with more and more foreign artists getting attention. Even though the change that comes from music might not be as radical, it is generally received well and able to influence a greater audience. The 90s/00s Latinx music might not hold up stylistically to today’s standards, it was that first wave of music that managed to spark the ongoing culture wave that has still persisted to this…show more content…
The United States was in a vastly different time when the Latinx music wave came, and the fact that the music was able to access the market back then speaks volumes. In a time where blatant racism was the norm and xenophobia was everywhere, it must have was genuinely surprising to witness the rise Latinx music. In today’s world, the initial breakthrough would seem to be a lot easier since the US is generally more accepting compared to the 90s/00s, and there already exists a whole culture that is thriving in the current market. For instance, many K-Pop groups like BTS and EXO have found a huge market in the United States due to their rising popularity. While their journey into the United States seems very promising, it is too early to say whether K-Pop musicians will experience the same levels of success compared to the 90s/00s era of foreign

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