Analysis Of Self-Expression Through Tattoos And Piercings

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In “Self-Expression Through Tattoos And Piercings,” writer Alexandra Bartolone, from the famous Odyssey, reviews various thoughts and feelings towards tattoos and body piercings; ultimately, she describes the different stereotypes felt towards inked and pierced individuals, her own thoughts, and research studies. Bartolone, right off the back, engages the topic by describing her personal feelings about tattoos and piercings. Bartolone has five ear piercings, a belly button piercing, and a tattoo, so she’s no stranger to the community of the tattooed and pierced. However, she didn’t always view tattoos and piercings as a mean of self-expression. In fact, at a younger age, she associated tattoos and piercings to the bad guys in the movies. The writer believes there is a trend among generation Y. Thus, the younger the generation, the likelihood of tattoos and piercings are accepted than from the older generation. “So, I have come to think about if other people like me have accepted self-expression through time? What kind of people are involved in this self-expressing art? Why are piercings and tattoos on an upward trend among generation Y?” are the questions she asked in the introduction of her article. Bartolone makes a good point; it seems self-expression is tolerated in more abstract forms of art than in the past. The younger generation, as a whole, has shown a higher acceptance among their peers. Generally speaking, generation Y, according to Bartolone, has this higher
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