Analysis Of Sex Lies And Conversation By Deborah Tannen

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Relationship Problems Solved! When it comes to giving relationship advise to a couple, it always easier said than done. Maintain a relationship on its own is hard and full of responsibilities but it really gets hard when problems arise. Many people go seek help or advice but most of the time, but it hardly helps because the one giving the advice is talking from a different point of view. After the many years of people trying to figure out how to solve relationship problems I think Deborah Tannen finally hit the nail on the head with her article SEX, Lies and Conversations. In her article, she wrote about the biggest issue in a marriage, COMMUNICATION!!, and how to solve it with three sub points. Tannen begins by informing the readers of the issue and explaining how both male and females feel about the topic. This was a very important thing Tannen did because to help someone the need to be aware of the problem first. Tannen starts off by stating that men and women learn their different styles of communication as children. When they are kids, they form a group for boys and a group for girls, and the two groups get close to one another but through different ways. One example of the differences is “Little girls create and maintain relationships through sharing secrets and conversation…. But bonds between boys are based less on talking, but more on doing…show more content…
Many women in their relationship complain that the men don’t pay attention because they don’t look at them, or their eyes are wandering around. Tannen solves this problem by explaining “I found that at every age, girls and women faced each other directly… and at every age boys and men sat at angles to each other and looked elsewhere in the room, only periodic glancing at each other” (Tannen 407) based on her study most men even though the avoid eye contact they still are listening and the women should try to understand that it’s just not in their
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