Analysis Of Sgt. Mulcahy's Attitude Towards The Black Soldiers

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• 1- What is his ethnicity, and how—according to dialogue in the film—might this influence his attitude towards the African American soldiers? Sgt. Mulcahy is a white man fighting for the Union army. He oversees the training the 54th regiment during the film. The attitude toward African Americans during the movie is mostly good, they rarely have a harsh attitude toward the African American soldiers. This would lead you to believe that Sgt. Mulcahy would have a nice attitude toward these soldiers as well. You would expect him to treat them fairly and appropriately while training them. However, Mulcahy is not influenced by other attitudes towards the soldiers in this film. • 2- Describe his actual attitude and actions towards the African American soldiers. Sgt. Mulcahy’s attitude towards the African American soldiers is very harsh throughout this movie. He is very hard on the soldiers and he is confronted by Col. Shaw who believes he is being too harsh on the soldiers. Mulcahy, though, disagrees with him saying that they need to grow up. Mulcahy also says things like, “You are ugly Mexican-African fuckin ' whores,” to the soldiers throughout his time training these soldiers. Mulcahy’s attitude towards the African American soldiers throughout Glory is harsh and he is very hard on the men during training. • B- Col. Montgomery: a Union officer who leads a “Raid on Combahee Ferry” in the South (On my DVD, his scene occurs at about the 1:02:00-1:08:00 mark (1hr 2min to 1hr
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