Analysis Of Shakespeare In Measure For Measure

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In William Shakespeare 's dark comedy Measure for Measure, an aspiring nun, Isabella, has a brother who is sentenced to death for the crime of “fornication” and she is faced with an impossible choice of trading her virginity or letting her brother die. This play is one of the many that was created during the Elizabethan era. Shakespearean theatre refers to the theatre of England between 1562 and 1642 which was considered to be one of the most brilliant periods in the history of English theatre. This research investigation is going to examine the actor Angelo on how to prepare for his role in order to fulfill the acting requirements of Shakespearean theatre. Acting Shakespeare, is very similar to acting other genres or styles but what makes it unique is its complexity of the text which entails a more in-depth exploration by the actor. It is almost another language because of the difference in English, yet it cannot be performed as such because we want the audience to understand with complete clarity. There is no exact guide or manual that tells us how to act Shakespeare; the only things he left us with, are his plays. This is why it is important to remember that an actor’s natural instincts are valuable and key in acting Shakespeare. According to John Barton’s guide “Playing Shakespeare” he states “Playing Shakespeare. Not reading him or writing about him but playing him.” This states that the true Shakespeare has to come alive in the performance of “living and breathing
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