Reflection On The Tempest

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The tempest is the last play by Shakespeare. Although it is the last one, it is “the opening play in almost all the complete collections of Shakespeare’s plays ever since the first folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays…The tempest is unquestionably one of the best plays by Shakespeare”, as Zhang Siyang, a famous Shakespeare critic once pointed out in An Introduction to Shakespeare. From this we can see that the tempest assumes an important position in all Shakespeare’s plays. In this tale, every character stands for one specific social group. We can see many different kinds of people with different souls, and even the same people could have different kinds of souls at different times. Beautiful or ugly, brave or timid. We can see all of them throughout The tempest. Prospero was the representative of people with humanism thought. Such group of people were out of key with the society. Thus they would suffer a lot just like Prospero, who was framed by his dear brother and had a long hard life in an abandoned island with his young daughter. It was the same with…show more content…
And we can pick Caliban out and make a deep emphasis on him. Here are some lines from The Tempest. Caliban: "...When thou cam'st first, Thou strok'st me, and made much of me... And then I loved thee, And showed thee all the qualities o'th'isle..." When Prospero first arrived at the island, Caliban seemed like a kind person, or monster. But later on you would find the true side of him. After he humiliated the daughter of his benefactor, Miranda said the words below: "When thou didst not, savage, Know thine own meaning... I endowed thy purposes With words that made them known. But thy vile race, Though thou didst learn, had that in't which good natures Could not abide to be with..." So the versatility of soul is easy to
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