Analysis Of Shakespeare's Tragedy

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purging or purification of the emotions which happens when the spectator experiences the feelings of pity and fear that are aroused by tragedy. The plot structure of Shakespeare 's tragedies may be divided into three parts. The first part is the exposition where the situation of the play is presented and from which there arises a conflict. The second part shows the beginning and growth of the conflict. This is the major part of the play and it includes the second, third and fourth acts and often also the last part of the first act and the beginning of the fifth act. The third and last part of the play deals with the resolution of the conflict in a catastrophe. The purpose of the exposition is to present the main persons of the play and "their positions in life, their circumstances, their relations to one another." This is supposed to awaken the curiosity of the audience and make them wonder what is will happen to the persons that have been presented. The exposition does not show the conflict as such but is shows the conditions that will lead to conflict. In the second part of the play the rise and development of the conflict is shown. Throughout the play scenes that arouse a high tension in the minds of the audience are followed by scenes that provide a sense of relief. The purpose of this construction is that "the contrast is required to bring out the full force of an effect." The development of the conflict can also be seen as a struggle between two sides which may be
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