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Furthermore, Shape-Magazine provides reliable, understanding, and realistic information making it an amusing and creative material to read. Shape-Magazine provides examples and reliable facts for women that allow them to trust and believe in the material. Many magazines that are being sold promote untruthful information only to entertain and promote sale growth. However, Shape-Magazine has an accurate goal and representation of dependable and uniformity in the information that is transmitting to the reader. For example, the cover of the 2015 October edition visuals a stylish young woman named Kaley with a caption, “Lean Legs, Toned Abs, Perky Butt”. Other captions on the cover include, “Shrink Your Belly; This move targets fat in just 8 seconds” and “31 Life Changing Secrets”.…show more content…
To be specific, in a section of Shape-Magazine there is an whole page dedicated to healthy snacks and food that tame blood sugar and boost metabolism, that helps to burn fat and feel rejuvenated. The article states that snacks such as Apples, Green Tea-Poached Salmon, Asparagus Spears, and Avocado on whole wheat toast that “build muscle and turn off fat-genes”

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