Analysis Of Shashi Deshpande's Small Remedies

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It is normally assumed that literature is the mirror of society. If the women suffer in society and the loss of society becomes their anguish, it will become the serious duty of women writers to present the conditions in which the women are living. This is what Shashi Deshpande has produced through her novel Small Remedies which has the genuine images of three women. Shashi Deshpande reviews that women are always treated as subordinates to men. They have second-rate position in society because of male domination. Her protagonists are presented in conflict as Shashi Deshpande was aware of their inner turmoil and their dilemma. It is shown that, in reality, they have not yet emotionally come out from patriarchal impositions. The next interesting thing is that the women are usually presented with their mental as well as physical voice. This paper is a humble attempt to show that women are not born feminine but they are made. So, they try to bring something new in their lives and, in this way, they have to bear the contradictory attitude of society. Her protagonists fight with the society and establish a new world for them.…show more content…
Her novels present a new consciousness, new values and a new way of thinking for women. This feature has provided Indo-English fiction a new dimension. Shashi Deshpande has shown the reality of urban middle class woman which is insightful. Through generations, big cities or small cities, all are demonstrated in a way that their complexity is revealed. Shashi Deshpande has shown the female psyche from the women’s point of view. Small Remedies provides the remedies which are small and everybody can get them. Women are able to achieve the good and respectable positions in our society but efforts are essential. Remedies are here and there, the only need is to search for
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