Analysis Of Sheldon Norberg's Confessions Of A Dope Dealer

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How did society impact Sheldon? Let me tell you of a man named Sheldon, he fought against societies views on drugs his whole life until it was too late and he realized it was pointless. In the autobiography ‘Confessions of a Dope Dealer’ author, Sheldon Norberg introduces readers in the beginning of the story to himself as a 14 year old who was against drugs. However, his views quickly change as the story progresses, and he experiences life through the assistance of mind-expanding substances. Sheldon was a rebel of sorts; he spent most of his life fighting societies views on drugs by using, to growing, to selling. Sheldon later on came to realize he had wasted his time; as he witnessed his brother lose his job from being, “Tooo wasted,”(Norberg,…show more content…
At first he realizes small things such as in saying, “Weed production is both an art and a science,” (Norberg, 200), in this he realizes that society adores art and science, yet society as a whole is strongly opposed to drugs. He soon comes to realize all his wasted times and in addition, the downfalls of drugs following his brother losing his job. He says, “I spent a long time looking at the mural the first time I took acid,” (Norberg, 236). At this place in his life he realizes all his wasted time reflecting back on the time wasted on drugs. Than he hears about his brother being fired from his job for being, “Tooo wasted,” (Norberg, 279). This shows Sheldon bad drugs really are, and what they can do to a person, his brother went from having a decent job to having nothing. Later on towards the end of the book the one thing that finally pushes him to get out of the drug business is when he realizes how risky the business is as in when he says, “ “Hey,” Horn started in, “Our weeds been ripped off.” ”(Norberg, 314). By this point Sheldon has already come to realize the downfalls and now the risks on the business and he came to the realization that the risk wasn’t worth the

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