Analysis Of Sherman Alexie's Superman And Me

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Reading contains many definitions. Each individual defines reading to how they perceive it. Some individuals read to gain knowledge while others read to escape, escape their living situations or their minds. Writer Sherman Alexie, wrote "Superman and Me," published in 1990 in Los Angeles Times, explaining his life situation before he became a write, claiming that reading changed his life. Alexie begins building his credibility with personal facts and establishing himself with honest judgment, while strongly exerting emotional appeals; however, he doesn 't incorporate appeal to logic, which isn 't necessary considering the piece is more on a personal level.

Sherman Alexie was born in the year 1966, he was born and raised on the Spokane Reservation in Washington. While going to school on the reservation Alexie was limited to learning and education. However, he learned to love books from watching his father, whom he loved and looked up to, spend the little money he had on books. The start of Alexie 's passion for reading begin when he picked up a Superman comic book. His love for reading made him unique from his fellow classmates, he challenged himself by constantly reading and defying the stereotypes set by reservation born Indians. He wrote "Superman and Me" in the late 1990 's to flashback to his life on the reservation and demonstrate how reading saved his life. The inspirational piece, "Superman and Me," is meant to spread knowledge to young generations of Indians.
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