Analysis Of Silent Springs, By Rachel Carson

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Silent Springs by Rachel Carson was a futuristic books that describe how our world will be under the influence of chemicals while describing the damaging effects of these chemicals during her time. As Albert Schweitzer stated “Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation” which it very truthful then as it is truthful today. Everyday a new discovery is achieved by the scientist worldwide, some with the best intentions and others with dubious purposes but all considered an advance in technology which prove the great capacity of humanity to overcome, manipulate, conquered and in many cases to bypass nature in order to demonstrate our superiority as a specie. Without realizing that we are creating our own extinction. Rachel Carson was considered by many the founder of the environmental movement and by others an obstacle for their ambitions and industries. However, the reality was that Rachel Carson was the founder of a worldwide awareness movement which primary purpose was to bring awareness of the complexity of the synthetic chemicals used against the environment and the future consequences of such actions. The first chapter of this book “A Fable of Tomorrow “ is a combined description of many towns all over the country that were exposed to the pollution created by the excessive use of chemicals and the impacts that such chemicals has in the biota and the natural resources. Furthermore, it illustrate that contamination has not boundaries in that pollution
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