Analysis Of 'Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God'

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Fear is an emotion that someone receive when they believe someone or something is dangerous. Fear appeals as a persuasive message that can influence attitudes and behavior. Fear has been very effective in the past and in today’s literature. Using fear as a motivational tool can make a person grow in strength, but it can also make a person weaker. Using fear as a motivational tool is an effective way to modify human behavior. When the world was more dangerous and based on survival, fear helped keep people out of danger. In “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” Edwards uses imagery, repetition, allusion and the strategy that appeals to fear. Edwards tries to convince Christians that God could instantly drop them into the pit of hell if they…show more content…
“When we walk through our fears rather than run from them, it is impossible not to emerge as a stronger person” (Arcel). Using fear as a motivational tool is only effective when there is a description on how to avoid the threat. If someone were to look back at exciting times in their life, they would also be remembered as some of the most terrifying times. If fear piles up in front of someone and they do not let it hold them back, it could turn out to be more improbable than they ever expected. Fear can be too powerful of a motivator which will cause ineffective results making someone weaker. Fear is a negative motivator, but it is very powerful. For fear to be a prosperous motivator there must be a solution offered or a new path. Wilson prefers another motivator to help someone get rid of doubt which will inspire them in a positive way. “I prefer to motivate someone by eliminating doubt. Doubt destroys motivation. If you can help a person get rid of it, you will motivate them positively” (Wilson). In conclusion, fear is a very effective motivator. For fear to be rewarding motivator there must be a solution offered. Fear as a motivator can appeal to be a persuasive message that can influence attitude and behavior. Using fear as a motivational tool can cause a person to become stronger or weaker. Fear has been effective and ineffective based in certain circumstances on how powerful the motivator is pushing
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