The Hounds Of Baskervilles Summary

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Don’t we all love the magnificent adventures of the private detective, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, and his loyal companion, Dr. Watson? This time, Sir Arthur Donan Coyle enlightened us with a new mystery to solve in his third novel of the Sherlock Holmes’ series published in 1901: The Hounds of Baskerville. The setting is in England around the XIX century and this time, Sherlock is amused by the mystery he’s about to solve, as it’s very… unusual.
The book narrates the enigma of Charles Baskerville’s death after his body is found next to some gigantic hound’s paws. Dr. Mortimer, Baskerville’s family doctor, seeks Sherlock Holmes in order to discover if Charles Baskerville had died from a heart attack, as the autopsy said, or because of a curse that
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Henry and made him believe they were going back to London but would be back instantaneously. They went to Lyon’s house and she finally revealed that Stapleton told her to send the letter to Charles in order to marry her. They went to the mansion again and saw Henry going for a walk and right behind him, there was a huge hound with eyes who shone like fire. They pulled Henry to a side and captured the dog by shooting at him. They tried to find Stapleton but only found his wife tied to a chair because she had wanted to tell the whole truth but her husband wouldn’t let her. Sherlock found Henry’s missing boot in the house and concluded that Stapleton needed it so that the dog could recognize his scent. He also revealed that the assassin hadn’t committed suicide, he had been murdered by the dog too by accident as Selden was wearing one of Charles’ old coat because he was hiding in the mansion with the help of Henry, Mr. and Ms. Barrymore. That’s why they heard crying at nights, it was a code so that he could walk out of the attic. Finally, they went to the swamp where Stapleton kept the dog and found nothing, inferring that he had drowned in it and with him, the Baskerville’s curse.
I’d recommend this book because it’s very entertaining and it’s unpredictable. You may think that you’ve solved a small puzzle but then Sherlock’s deductions show you the contrary and they blow your mind away, they’re not fantasy. In addition, you see Sherlock and Watson’s character development and how they’ve reached a point where they can rely and trust each other. Surely if you read this book you’ll want to read the others and immerse in the fantastic world of Sherlock Holmes, he’ll never disappoint
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