Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In literature as in life one’s character is always being tested and judged by others. Such is the case in Pearl Poet’s work “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” where Gawain is constantly tested to prove whether or not he’s noble as a person and a knight. In my paper I will discuss how whether or not Gawain passes the tests pushed his way. I will do this by analyzing how Gawain acts to these tests and the reactions of other characters to Gawain’s actions.
Temptation is part of an everyday life, how you go about it determines your character. Gawain faced temptation in a way no man wishes. He was tested three times by Lady Bertilak and each time he didn’t give into temptation. “Could not easily have spent so much time with a lady without begging
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The belt itself would ensure Gawain a victory in his battle with the Green Knight if used. When Gawain receives the green belt, it also relates back to the temptation with the lady. She gave him the belt as a “lover’s token” so Gawain had something to remember her by. Though the lady had another meaning of the green belt, to Gawain the belt represented his survival. Gawain is so desperate to survive his battle with the Green Knight, his temptation comes into play and he uses it. By doing so, Gawain injures his character because he disrespects the code of honor. “A man may hide his misdeed, but never erase it.” (2511) said by Gawain explaining why he will forever wear the green belt. Gawain knows he failed and didn’t abide by the code of honor. Him wearing the green belt symbolizes not only his survival but his failure. That is only part of the picture though, Gawain then makes an impact on the community. Other knights begin to wear something similar in his honor. One can interpret that Gawain coming forward and accepting his failure inspired other knights. Though he did make a mistake and damage his character image, in the end he came clean and that’s what really mattered, how he handled the aftermath. Gawain was truthful about his mistake and it led to a bigger and better outcome. The green belt then became a symbol of honor rather than one of
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